Canadian Aid For Fire Services Abroad
Aide Canadienne pour les Services des Incendies à L'étranger




CAFSA makes no distinction in firefighter status – the volunteer firefighter from the smallest fire department and/or the private or municipal fire department has the same rights and privileges  within the foundation. 

Victor Hugo Fernandez, President/CEO

          Lyall Hutchinson, Vice President  

          Fred Hollands, Secretary             

          Maria Tomas, Treasurer

          Jason Millar, Public Relations/Project Coordinator  

          Noel Johnstone, Web Master

          CAFSA Volunteers:

Rene Dubord

Darwin Schwartz

Aaron Kirkland

Steve Gillingham

Debra Robichaud

Christian Sebesten

Shawn Bissonette

International CAFSA Volunteers:

Duarle Licardie - Guatemala

Hector Weitzel - Chile

Wilson Gomez - Ecuador











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