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Malacatan, Guatemala (May 01 - Sept 30, 2011):

After months of hard work and preparation, bomberos Malacatan were the proud recipients of a donated fire truck, six SCBAs and twenty complete sets of firefighter turnout gear.

Malacatan project photos

Chillan, Chile (May 13 - May 22, 2010):

On May 13th 2010, after travelling nearly 26 hours, a CAFSA team arrived in Concepcion, Chile. From Concepcion, the team rented a car and travelled another two and half hours to their final destination - Chillan, Chile. CAFSA's team for this mission included: Mr. Victor Fernandez, Mr. Lyall Hutchinson, Mr. Trent West and Mr. Edward Van Delden.

The goal of this mission was to train the Chillan fire fighters on the operations of two donated fire trucks. These fire trucks were donated to CAFSA by Dow Chemical of Canada and Mr. Edward Van Deldon provided the operations training to the fire fighters.

While CAFSA in Chillan, we also distributed a variety of donated goods, including various PPE, firefighting gear, and other equipment.

On Sunday, February 27, 2010 at 03:34 local time, an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 struck South Central Chile lasting approximately 90 seconds.

Chillan, the nearest city to the epicenter, approximately 60 miles away, also felt the effects of the earthquake.  There, the fire department suffered the loss of 4 of their 7 fire stations.  The local firefighters worked tirelessly for more than 4 days helping the people of Chillan.

CAFSA’s next mission will bring us to Chillan on May 13th to May 22nd.  CAFSA has been hard at work on this mission and has already sent:

  1. Two (2) Fire Trucks.  These trucks have already arrived in Chile.

  2. One (1) 20' sea container full of firefighter gear, PPE, and various firefighting tools of the trade.  This sea container will be in Chile by the first week of May.

While in Chile, CAFSA will also visit the Town of Dichato.   This town was hit by three giant tidal waves (approximately 10 meters) after the earthquake struck central Chile.  The tidal waves flooded the main square and went well into the town before receding and leaving a large amount of destruction and devastation behind.

Chillan project photos

San Pablo, Guatemala (Oct 8 - Oct 16, 2009)

Most recently, CAFSA sent four members (Lyall Hutchinson, Jason Millar, Rene Dubord and Victor H. Fernandez) to San Pablo, San Marcos, Guatemala.

These members were there for the offical key handover ceremony of a fire truck and tanker truck, donated from CAFSA to the San Pablo Fire Department ("Cuerpo de Bomberos de San Pablo"). For the next five days while in San Pablo, CAFSA member Rene Dubord trained 10 firefighters in the safe operation of the fire apparatus.

It is important to mention that the donated tanker truck is presently, and will continue to be, delivering water to the small towns that surround San Pablo City. The majority of people living in these small towns have to walk 4-5km to obtain water from the nearest water source. With the help of the San Pablo Fire Department and the newly donated tanker truck, water will be delivered right to the surrounding towns and have a major impact on many lives.

While in Guatemala, the CAFSA members had a chance to meet with the Canadian Ambassador to Guatemala, Leeann R. McKechnie, who was very interested and impressed in CAFSA's work in Guatemala and throughtout the world.

San Pablo project photos

Azogues, Cañar, Ecuador (Oct 7 - Oct 18, 2008)

CAFSA's mission to Azogues Cañar Ecuador,  10,000 ft above sea level in the land of the Inca empire was not only the biggest donation by CAFSA, it was  a very physically demanding mission for CAFSA members Victor Fernandez and Lyall Hutchinson because of the elevation. CAFSA donated a Sea Container containing 150 sets of PPE and other equipment along with EMS equipment to be shipped via ship.  A 1980 75 Ft aerial donated by the City of St. Albert will be delivered in the New Year; this is the first fire apparatus to be donated by CAFSA.   

 The Azogues Fire Department is made up of 32 paid and 32 volunteer members, along with a new recruit class of 19 members joining the ranks provides Fire and EMS to the city and the surrounding area. Chief Wilson Gomez has been very active in the community to ensure that the citizens of Azogues are well served by his department. He and his administration work hard to provide training and equipment for the department and its members. The Azogues Fire department is very proactive towards training and was very involved in the training provided by CAFSA.  The topics covered in the training were HazMat response, The Wear and Care of Personal Protective Equipment, Search and Rescue   and training in the use of a donated Automated External Defibrillator. 

CAFSA would like to thank everyone who supported this mission:
    1.   Saint City Rotary Club, St Albert, Canada
    2.   Pelican Products, Canada
    3.   Saint City News, St Albert, Canada
    4.   Drayton Valley Fire Dept.
    5.   Wainwright Fire Dept.

A special thank you to!!!
Fire Chief - Mr. Wilson Gomez
Training Officer - Miss Nubia Jara
Adm. Officer - Mrs. Paola Curangui
Firefighter - Mr. Jairo Luna

Azogues, Cañar project photos

Puerto Williams, Chile (Feb 2 - Feb 17, 2008)

Puerto Williams is a Chilean port, located on Isla Navarino, facing the Beagle Channel.  It is the capital of the Chilean Antarctica Province and is the southernmost city in the world.
CAFSA was there on a mission from February 2 to February 17, 2008.  The CAFSA members traveling on this mission were: Mr. Victor Fernandez, Mr. Lyall Hutchinson, and Mrs. Corrine Berg-Turner.
The Puerto Williams Fire Department has 30 volunteer members.  Fire Chief Mr. Luis Tiznado is working very hard to ensure he has the very best fire department in the surrounding areas.
CAFSA donated 20 full sets of personal protective equipment, Pelican flashlights, 20 SCBA face-pieces, station uniforms, an automated external defibrillator (AED), an AED trainer, and manikin torsos for CPR training. The local medical clinic also got a substantial donation from CAFSA (various medical supplies).
On this mission, the CAFSA members also stopped in Santiago Chile at Station #18 Vitacura.

CAFSA would like to thank everyone who supported this mission:
    1.    Saint City Rotary Club, St Albert, Canada
    2.    Pelican Products, Canada
    3.    Saint City News, St Albert, Canada
    4.   Chilean Air Force, Chile
    5.   Mr. Claudio Flores, Antarctica's Governor
    6.   Mr. Mauricio Pena y Lillo
    7.   Mr. Luis Tiznado, Puerto Williams Fire Chief
    8.   Municipality of Puerto Williams
    9.   Cabo de Hornos Hotel, Punta Arenas, Chile
  10.   Lakutaia Hotel, Puerto Williams, Chile

Puerto Williams project photos


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